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.red Domain Registration


The .red domain name helps to create an Internet identity tied to the color and the concept of red. The domain extension can be used by businesses, organizations and individuals who has a brand associated with the red colour. Sites with this domain extension would be accessed by a lot of people because the colour Red symbolizes Love hence sites with this extensions would have a lot of traffic especially during celebrations like Valentine, Christmas and the likes when this colour red is used.



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Register your .red domain

No, you are not required to provide any document for the registration of .red domain extension

No. There is no Trustee Service (Proxy) available for this domain name extension.

Yes. The private details of your domain for this domain extension can be hidden, you can do this by activating ID protection on the domain during purchase.

For this domain extension, the registry may permanently or temporarily reserved or restrict somne domains for registry operations, as premium domain names or to comply with ICANN requirements.

In other to comply with ICANN requirements, all two-character domains will be reserved initially, but may be eventually released in the future. Also, In accordance with ICANN, addition reserved names for a) International Olympic Committee, b) International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and c) Intergovernmental Organizations, for new gTLDs., are not available. The list of these names can be found here (https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/reserved-2013-07-08-en/).

Individuals, companies and legal entities are allowed to register the .red domain extension.

The minimum period to register the .red domain extension is 1 year.

The domain is Instantly registered once It is paid for.

The .red domain extension is a Top Level Domains (gTLD) hence It has a 40 days "Grace period" in which a domain name can be renewed after expiration at no additional cost, however, please be Informed that your domain will no longer be accessible once it expires. After the 40 days grace period,

It goes into the 30 days "Redemption Period" in which the domain can be renewed at an additional cost of #40,000.

The valid characters of the domain are;

  • It must have minimum of 2 and a maximum of 63 characters;
  • must begin with a letter or a number and end with a letter or a number;
  • must use the English character set and may contain letters (i.e., a-z, A-Z),numbers (i.e. 0-9) and dashes (-) or a combination of these;
  • should neither begin with, nor end with a dash;
  • must not contain a dash in the third and fourth positions (e.g. www.ab- -cd.red); and
  • must not include a space (e.g. www.ab cd.red).

The .red domain extension is managaed by Afilias Limited.

The minimum domain period to register the .red domain name extension is 5years


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