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.review Domain Registration


Customers feedback on a service or product is a very essential factor in determining the success of such product/service. A .review domain tells users at first glance tells users what you are about and what you do. It adds a tremendous boost to your business and your brand as a whole

This domain extension is attention-grabbing and it helps to build your customer relationship which is an essential factor in any company.



Registration (1 Year)


Registration (2 Years)


Registration (3 Years)


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Registration (5 Years)




Register your .review domain

No documents are required.

Trustee Service is not available for this extension.
Some domain names may be permanently or temporarily reserved or restricted for registry operations, as premium domain names or to comply with ICANN requirements.

Anyone and any company can register this domain extension.

The minimum term for .review domain names is 1 year

The domain registration time frame for  .review during general availability is Instant.

Domain Names must:

  • have minimum of 1 and a maximum of 63 characters;
  • begin with a letter or a number and end with a letter or a number;
  • use the English character set and may contain letters (i.e., a-z, A-Z),numbers (i.e. 0-9) and dashes (-) or a combination of these;
  • neither begin with, nor  end with a dash;
  • not contain a dash in the third and fourth positions (e.g. www.ab- -cd.review); and
  • not include a space (e.g. www.ab cd.review).

You may visit them here: Famous Four Media .

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